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Sino Aviation Equipment Company Limited (SAE) is known in the industry for its continuous innovation in technology, products and services. In the promotion of our quality target - "Agglomeration • Innovation • Excellence ". SAE is committed to helping you seamlessly connect with the products and technologies you need. We achieve this goal by providing you with advanced products, technologies and comprehensive services.

SAE was registered in Hong Kong in 2001 and is committed to introducing advanced foreign civil aviation technologies and products, such as aircraft and engine parts, helicopter-specific peripherals, aviation emergency rescue equipment, etc. The products are sold to various domestic aviation companies, aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, and scientific research institutes. The company has offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

SAE is the exclusive agent and distributor of many well-known foreign brands in China, mainly including: Spectrolab Nightsun Searchlight, Power Sonix Louder speaker system, American Lifesaving helicopter rescue equipment, Switlik life vest and life raft, Marlow Rappelling ropes, etc. We also cover indispensable services such as business and technical consulting.

SAE has established and maintained close cooperative relationships with Chinese Civil Aviation, Aviation Maintenance Company, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, as well as general aviation, police aviation and maritime flight rescue teams and other units.

SAE target: Insist on continuing to consolidate and expanding the business scope, establish a complete supply chain system, and promote sincere cooperation with all partners. We will continue to work hard and contribute to the integration of China''s aviation industry into the international market.

SAE is willing to be your good partner!

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