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Sino Aviation Equipment Company Limited (SAE) is famous for its technology, products and service providing and constantly innovation. In the promotion of our quality target- "Agglomeration • Innovation •Excellence ", SAE is committed to helping you to achieve products and technology no-slot joint by providing the best products, the state-of-the-art technology and the all-around service.

SAE is a professional corporation registered in HongKong in 2001, devoted to introduce the advanced aviation technology and products, e.g. the aircraft and engine components, helicopter special exterior equipment, composite material and processing equipment, civil aviation spare parts etc. These products mainly provided to airlines, aircraft manufactures and research institute. SAE established office in Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing.

SAE is the key equipment and technology supplier of many domestic customers and exclusive agent of many foreign companies.
SAE mainly agent: Germany EHA/BSD advanced composites material winding and prepreg machine; America PSA avionics; America Spectrolab Nightsun® Searchlight; America PowerSonix Louder speaker system; America Islair helicopter fire tank; America AEI stainless steel honeycomb and Glare ® fiber-metal laminates; America CPI-CIRCOR AEROSPACE INC. Landing Gear exchange, repair and overhaul; America Lifesaving helicopter rescuing equipment; America MJC metal spinning equipment; Canada AFS helicopter fire fighting bucket. We also related to the aircraft spare parts repair, maintenance and exchange, business and engineering consultant service etc.

SAE had established and kept close cooperation relations with many domestic civil airlines, civil aviation maintenance companies, AVIC China Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation , COMAC Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. and General Aviation and so on.

SAE target : Insist on continuing to consolidate and expand the business scope, develop local R&D and manufacturing capability, establish round supply chain system, promote the sincere cooperation with partners.
SAE will be your best partner

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